“The Possibilitree” is a live, experiential, educational variety show, captured for the modern screen, hosted by your very own Fairy Guidemother.

(You’re SUPER.)

In the magical world of “The Possibilitree”, delightful characters inspire and support kids in building and integrating practices of self-reliance, love and responsibility. Through games, songs, and practical lessons, Your Fairy Guidemother’s cadets will improve their confidence, excite their curiosity, discover the world and find their place in it. 

“We aren’t just building a better world for our children-We are building better children for our world.”
-Your Fairy Guidemother.

The NewsStream, our recycling center and the Loving Landing Pad are some of the delights you’ll find outside

In the traditions of Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, & Mary Poppins, The Possibilitree is an educational, multimedia variety show for our times. Hosted by Your Fairy Guidemother, a playful, loving, courageous sprite,  the show guides us through life from the adventurous world of her fantastical, stop-motion animated cottage. 

Through the use of melody, rhyme, stop-motion animation, puppetry, and visual effects, our show surprises and delights; dazzling the senses, educating the mind and training the body, inviting us into a welcoming, supportive universe where we are good enough, we are not alone, we can feel at ease and are set free to learn. 

Created in collaboration with psychologists, teachers, and other educators, The Possibilitree‘s curriculum walks kids ages 4-7 (and beyond!) through steps carefully designed to help them become balanced, embodied, and empowered human beings, capable of gracefully navigating the ever-changing landscape of our world.
Exploration, experimentation, and mistakes are encouraged here, and embraced!

Rules are out, guidelines are in!

The Possibilitree is our NI: Natural Intelligence Dream Depository and YFGM’s mentor


From her animated cottage, our playful, loving host engages with a diverse ensemble of characters who live in a universe at the crossroads of science and magic. A pink “Uniqorn” (they’re unique!), a bed of talkative garden flowers, a band of truth-telling crickets, visitors, and more, sing, do projects together and engage in honest talk about real life, creating a symphony of acceptance and learning, orchestrated for you by Your Fairy Guidemother.

At the heart of the cottage, grows “The Possibilitree”, a magical dream depository and communication center providing a strong core of Natural Intelligence (NI). The Possibilitree’s roots and branches reach far and wide, from the DIY kitchen to the mirrored idea room: Imagination Station, out into the garden and deep into the Earth- connecting people, ideas, and the occasional hoarding, littering squirrel.

The Newsstream, The Healing Garden, The Loving Landing Pad, and the Tips & Tricks Tool Shed are just a few of the wonderful things to discover outside at Your Fairy Guidemother’s cottage, where each space is specially designed to invite, surprise, and delight.

Imagination Station and the Cadet Quarters, inside your Fairy Guidemother’s Cottage

Inside, the highlight of our tour is our mirrored idea room, Imagination Station, where the Possibilitree projects all the amazing possibilities that exist for you and me and we at any given moment.

Just set an intention and sit and SPIN!
Ideas are how it begins.

Who’s who:

Your Fairy Guidemother

All illustrations by Naz Onderoglu https://www.nazonderoglu.com/

At the beginning of every episode, Your Fairy Guidemother will warmly welcome you into her special world. You are an explorer! Her beloved Fairy Guidechild! You used the rainbow portal to travel into a unique dimension of awareness, where adventure awaits. You’re right on time!

With her, you will learn cartwheeling and tree-climbing techniques, dance moves, healthy eating, self-care, and some practical, common sense! 

Your Fairy Guidemother is an eager advisor and a wise and calm mentor; the more you trust her, the more you can share! She’s just like you: she also gets sad, makes mistakes, and sometimes doesn’t know the answers right away. It is through patience, understanding, and unconditional love, that you will discover: she is learning from you too.

Your Fairy Guidemother’s vow is to teach you how to LIVE, hands off handlebars, up in the tallest tree, trying new things, living life to its fullest extent and being brave about tough stuff.


WorryWorm is an anxious, scared friend of Fairy Guidemother, and will help us illustrate how fears can show up and color our entire perspective, inhibiting our ability to deal with our every day. True for kids and adults!

WorryWorm shows up in high pressure situations, like meeting new friends, trying something for the first time and resolving conflicts; it thrives on lack of sleep,  dehydration, caffeine and sugar. Many worries can be soothed with a little bit of let-it-out, and some calming contact. The magical Focus Glasses from the Tips & Tricks Toolkit help us see the difference between the real dangers of the world and the ones we only imagine.

In the show, a character might feel anxious and find the WorryWorm hiding somewhere in their pocket, flower pot or shoe… This easy access to the worm represents how this infectious feeling is a habit that we tend to nurture. In the shade of the Possibilitree, Fairy Guidemother teaches that by noticing our worry and being present with it, anxiety can be interrupted. With our brave new thoughts, a hug and a nice deep breath, we can face any fear. Together!

The Garden Flowers

Your Fairy Guidemother’s healing garden is home to a colorful bed of talkative flowers, including a wise Sunflower, a shrinking Violet, a helpful Marigold, an imperious Rose, and a DandyLion bully. Each represents a personality type, giving us opportunities to model solving common problems we all face in our day to day interactions.

YFGM understands that each growing being in her healing garden has distinct and unique needs, even the bully! From water, sunlight, to style of love, she listens to each of the garden dweller’s many conflicts and misunderstandings with caring attention. 
Topics explored in this arena include; empathy, boundaries, patience, listening, sharing, speaking up for one’s self, radical self-reliance and more.

A wise Sunflower

It can be challenging dealing with personalities we’re not familiar with. Thankfully, flowers remind us to breathe in the fragrance of life, drink lots of water, turn our face to the sun, let our petals wave in the wind a bit, and allow ourselves to rest before making any big decisions. 

Pickles and Patches

Pickles is a Pink “Uniqorn” that lives high in the branches of the Possibilitree. They and their “species-fluid” puppet sibling Patches, are always up for change, especially if they can create some! Think of Pickles as Tinkerbell’s goofy cousin, clumsy and endearing and ready to improvise! 

Pickles and Patches love playing dressup, doing plays and transforming situations. They jump first and ask questions later, which means sometimes they fall! But failing is an important part of learning, and Pickles and Patches make it fun!

Pickles is also the operator of our Imagination Station, where kids practice their dreaming, try on new looks for themselves and have raucous dance parties with visiting musical guests.

The Cricket Crew

The Cricket Crew are a team of musicians and self-expressionists, who gather around the cottage to make music and declare themselves. And we’re invited! By using our voices, and exploring the fun sounds we can make, practicing dance moves and playing with rhyme, we’ll all get a chance to loosen up.
Raise your voice and sing along!

Handy Andy

Handy Andy is a helpful friend who appears when it’s just too much for one person to manage. Your Fairy Guidemother is a very independent sort, but none of us can do it all alone. Andy reaches higher shelves, helps carry the other end of things, and is generally useful and fun to have around, even just for company!
His enormous moustache tends to take on a life of its own and he has 2 prosthetic arms that can be very useful! A kiss on the cheek and a kind word is all he needs, to acknowledge his contribution to the Possibilitree.

Andy will model healthy male positivity, differently abledness, and will provide boys (and grown men’s inner children) with a healthy example of masculine energy and how to be of service to the world.


Kids often struggle with depression and sadness, feeling the urge to stay in bed or isolate themselves from their friends, and family, cutting themselves off from their greatest allies and support systems. 
In the branches of the “Possibilitree”, lives the Bluebird, our sweet, sad heart, whose inner reasoning system tells it that staying in your nest is the only way to stay safe and not burden anyone with sad energy. 
Bluebird’s whistles are open to interpretation, and Your Fairy Guidemother does her best to translate as faithfully as she can, knowing that sometimes we don’t always KNOW how to SAY what we’re sad about.
There are lots of reasons Bluebird gets sad, and in each episode, your Fairy Guidemother will be there to seek out our feathery friend, encourage a share, and to give feedback and support when Bluebird’s ready. With some help, the bird always finds its motivation,  picks itself up, stretches its wings and takes flight, ready to explore again.

Colonel Quackers

Colonel Quackers, Your Fairy Guidemother’s friendly neighbor, is a big, cuddly bear. Colonel Quackers knows lots of stuff about the way the world works and the born leader loves sharing. The fact that his voice sometimes sounds more like a duck than a bear, makes him fun to listen to, and not scary at all!
He tells great stories!

The Flight Club Cadets

The “Flight Club Cadets” are children that have discovered the magic rainbow portal to Your Fairy Guidemother’s cottage looking for adventure. Through games, projects and exercises, “Flight Club Cadets” are empowered to be captains of their bodies and minds with VIP access to their inner monitoring system.

Each of the Cadets is granted a colored jumpsuit that comes with a set of responsibilities and teaches a set of skills that will aid them to grow and change consciously, learning the meaning of working for a cause, understanding and seeking out something to believe in, basic life skills and more! Their Fairy Guidemother knows how important it is to be recognized for our small accomplishments on the long journey of self-awareness, and has developed a merit badge system to celebrate their progress towards self-captainship.

Each Cadet will also assemble an empowerment backpack containing all the materials and tools they’ll need for getting through their training: A journal, a water bottle and a crystal prism to make rainbows are gifts from their Fairy Guidemother. Together, the diverse group will demonstrate the power of planning, leadership, teamwork in action and how great communication and elbow grease can help us face even the biggest challenges. 

Nothing is too big of an obstacle to overcome, with the right tools and some loving guidance. And when the Cadets feel overwhelmed or steer off course,  their Fairy Guidemother is there to nudge them in the right direction and inspire and support the next steps on their individual journeys. “I maintain a curious state! I believe in myself, I’m just great!” is one of the many inspiring lines of their credo.

Outreach: Real Kids get real contact!

Our Flight Club Cadets will receive a Welcome Home Care Package with practical gifts like a water bottle, a thoughts and feelings journal, a crystal prism for making rainbows and more! With them comes the promise of continued contact, and future installments of magical objects, treasure maps, useful gadgetry and project packs. 

From fun dance and exercise videos to a daily affirmation app, this interactive community of support will connect kids with kids. Sharing life experiences and relatable circumstances will build connectivity and teach them to reach for support from their caregivers and peers.


The world can often seem confusing or unfair. “The Possibilitree” is a place where children and adults can find a breath of refuge and peace from feeling not good enough, dismissed or undervalued. It is a judgement-free zone designed and crafted to support the exploration of our intricate and constantly growing unique and special selves.

We at the Possibilitree are committed to nurturing children with compassion, a sense of humor, a brave and curious taste for adventure and practical life skills.

Your Fairy Guidemother builds a path to all these things and more, and shows us that dancing down that path together is much better than walking alone. 

We hope you will join us in helping us bring this project to life for the sake of our children and the sake of our world.

In Love and Learning, Your Fairy Guidemother.

Thank you for your time, we are so excited to bring this project, the information contained within, and its surrounding energy to kids everywhere. Please consider helping us amplify our message through your energetic, financial, or connective contributions.
We love you very much.
AND!  This is a work in progress and we are totally committed to having voices from all cultures and backgrounds contributing to the authenticity and validity of this project. If you feel your group or identifying culture doesn’t have a voice here, and you’d like to become a contributor or collaborator, please contact us. We want to hear from you! 
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