The Possibilitree

an educational, musical, playfun, learngrow content series

Hi, I’m Rachel Rainbows, your Fairy Guidemother!
In development: The PossibiliTree, a multimedia, musical television and live, interactive performance series focused on training children in body care, mindset management, and imagination building. In it, we plant the seeds of self-worth and healthy habits and nurture those seeds with love (and repetition!). Through story and song, we inspire and support “learning how to learn”, a skill that will grow with us throughout our lives.

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The Positively Adventurous League

a children’s book series

The Positively Adventurous League are the joyful, empowered creations of Creative Director Rachel McIntosh and Producer/Director David Zellerford. Illustrated by Merve Terzi, their first book in the series, As Alone As Alone Could Be, features “Sparkles Clawhammer”, and shares the story of an energetic child with a strong imagination as they come to terms with spending time alone. Modeling diversity, inclusion, and creativity, The PAL Kids invite readers to play in their treehouse anytime.
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Our Mission

I believe:
We are here, on earth, inside these bodies to be explorers. To investigate and try new things, to make creative mistakes and grow. To learn to care for ourselves; and learn how to connect with and to care for others; to choose to feel responsible for something, to learn how to find our purpose. Creating the freedom and accessibility to discover a path, or to forge a new one. And wielding the power to create a life and a dream and to carve a self we can be proud of from the magnificent mess of matter around us. 

What if?
The day you were born, as your mother was sleeping, exhausted, and you lay awake, wondering at the world, trying out your brand new eyes… Your Fairy Guidemother appeared, smiling, welcoming you to the world. The moment your eyes met, and she saw the spark of infinity inside you, that openness to joy, she knew she’d  love you forever. And because you were in her heart, she wanted to make sure you were prepared for the rocky crags and wild waves of the world.

What if?
She vowed on that day to teach you everything you needed to know about being Human. Lessons about common sense,  empathy and emotional intelligence, self-care, self-love, forgiveness, how to heal, understanding gratitude, how to make things manifest, understanding and embracing process, how to filter out bad information, deprogramming and unlearning, making new habits, the works. How to BUILD yourself. And rebuild yourself again. And when you came to visit her, to play and train, to learn and grow, she’ll love you up, all the while guiding you through exercises that will build skills that help make dreams come true! 
(hint- it’s not Magic, It’s Science.)

We are doing it differently than it’s ever been done before and that’s one of the reasons why it will work.

Your Fairy Guidemother is the loving voice inside my head reminding me I’m worth the work. Inspiring me to reach for more from the world, teaching me to care, and to rise to the occasion I see. This possibility for change.
I built her for me. I’m sharing her with you.

We are not going anywhere, we’ll always be right here for you under The Possibilitree.

“We’re not just building a better world for our children, we’re building better children for our world.”
-Your Fairy Guidemother