This is where we answer the most common questions all you prospective clients, contributors and collaborators might have. Please write in the blog area your actual questions, none too big, none too small! We’ll see what we can do to get those answered forya.

Why is the world so messed up?

Well, my dear, not too terribly long ago, a bunch of power hungry folks tried to take over the world, and very nearly did! Lots of us thought it wasn’t our jobs or responsibility, (the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.) to stand up for what we knew was right, even when our lack of verticality kept us anxious and depressed.

Do you have to be a kid to join the Cadet’s Club?

Yes! AND we have VERY loose guidelines on who constitutes a KID in this case.
To clarify: if by Kid you mean a human being with energy to be playful sometimes, and one who’s ready to learn and grow…then double YES. You are welcome. Sign up today to get your free introductory imagination pack, fill out our trademarked check yo-self survey and get some basics on YOU, to get you started! Remember, the rainbow is the railroad- YOU are the train.
Come on! Let’s Grow!

How can I help?

Oh Darling! We’re delighted you asked. We accept ALL forms of appreciation and support. We love ALL energetic donations. Sharing your time, your area of expertise or the abundance you have in…cucumbers, let’s say. You know, in summer? When they’re everywhere? if you have extra, and think of us? We’d swoon, and write a song about you and your squashiness and then who knows? Feed kids? or teach them cucumber carving, or something equally sensible, like cucumber recipes they can make at home, or soothing aftersun skincare. Get it? so dont be shy. whatEVER you think you might be able to help us with will be appreciated. we’d love for this valubale info to get into all children’s hands and for that it has to be GREAT, Visible and Supported.
So indeed. How CAN you help? <3